Mobile industry analyst Horace Dediu predicted recently that by 2017, Apple will have consumers downloading their apps at a rate of 100 million per day. With rates at 50 million downloads a day at the end of 2012, it isn’t difficult to imagine that Dediu’s prediction will certainly come true. As we all know, downloading apps is a well-liked hobby among consumers. Here at KaJ Labs, we love building great new apps for those consumers.

The trouble normally lies in taking an app from conception to high-tech actuality. But we believe anyone can build a flourishing, and potentially beneficial, mobile app with the correct approach, tools, and effort.

In setting up your own commercial enterprise, have you thought about developing a mobile app for your business? While this may not be a high priority, we suggest that you devise and build one for your company. These small programs earn a number of advantages for the start-up entrepreneur that will ultimately help in gaining new customers, and consequently, improving your sales.

To help you visualize the potential of a mobile app for your startup, next time you are out and about, concentrate on the number of people hooked on their mobile device. I have no doubt you’ll see a huge market that you could tap into with your app. Imagine putting your startup’s app on every phone you see. Even if just 1% of people used them to get your service or product, this is still a massive increase in marketing and sales. Here are three more benefits that a mobile app will give your startup.

1) Enhanced User Experience

Consumers are more engaged when browsing and interacting with their smartphones. Compare this to the passive interaction of billboards, magazine spreads and online ads. You can see why smartphone applications come out on top in the marketing war, especially for startups. By using this new and creative idea, you are already ahead of the businesses that don’t choose to embrace this technology.    

Today’s lifestyle can be quite frantic, which is why people want fast, easy access to information, services and products. Mobile apps can aid here as they deliver an aimed experience for the on-the-go consumer. Mobile apps specifically cater to the needs of busy users because good mobile apps are optimized for every platform, have simple organization, and make it easy to access and use the service you are providing to them.

When building your app, make sure it is something exclusive and relevant to your unique startup that can also be simply shared. In this way, you will give your consumers easier access to your products and services through their smartphones and enable them to spread the word about your endeavor with their friends, family, and followers.

2) Greater Visibility

Even though more and more people are building apps and app stores are becoming more and more crowded, it is still much simpler for you to stand out in this environment than it is on the web. Take a look at the data. The Apple App Store and Google Play have more than 1.2 million apps each. Now, compare that to the 700 million websites that are presently active on the Internet.

Clearly, the market is a lot smaller when developing a mobile app. With design assistance from a knowledgeable developer, you can build a small smartphone program that shows up with great visibility than a website.

3) Current Digital Trends           

It’s vital to your reputation as a startup that you are up-to-date with other businesses and follow digital trends. If you observe the data from the past few years, it’s apparent that mobile podiums are the next big thing:

  • The average user spends about 2 hours and 38 minutes on their mobile phones each day. This beats every other platform, with the exception of TV.
  • Consumers use up to 80% of their time on mobile apps rather than on web browsers. Reach the entire spectrum by releasing a mobile app when you start your company.

Without creating a business app, you will lose out on tapping into a committed target audience of millions. Remember, users eagerly seek out the mobile element. They will be excited to use an app, especially from a startup, if it gives them simple access to your products and services plus relevant information.

The existing trends easily show the benefits of having your startup step into the mobile sphere. Consider what your customers will want from you, and then bring it to them in a well-designed, easy to use smartphone application. If you do this from the get go, you will provide your startup an enhanced chance of success.

KaJ Labs has worked with numerous startups and entrepreneurs from across the world in helping them develop their ideas, from crowdfunding to custom app development. Get your startup off the ground with an app designed by KaJ Labs!