Taking a business from idea to reality involves a good deal of attrition, ingenuity, and compromise. But no matter how much these three factors align in your favor, chances are you won’t get far unless you have some sort of funding.

KaJ Labs is on the lookout for entrepreneurs with fresh, unconventional business concepts. The KaJ Labs Super Startup contest (KSSC)  is an annual seed accelerator for people and groups with ideas for “Apps” who are seeking seed funding. Six winners from the competition will each receive $25,000 in app development services along with other prizes that include:

An opportunity to negotiate a partnership agreement with KaJ Labs which includes a significant amount of free custom software design, development, and website development and hosting services. These services are targeting and building an “MVP”.

Mentoring support.

$25,000 to go towards product development.

Potential Media coverage.

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